Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nicholas Nickleby Reading Schedule

Sorry, this is super-late.  But here it is: your belated Nicholas Nickleby reading schedule.

There are sixty-five (65) chapters in the book.  I know we "started" a while back, but this schedule assumes that you haven't read a page yet.  The goal is to finish by 7/14/14, which is eight weeks from now.  The pace is about nine chapters a week.  A chapter a day, plus a few more on the weekends.  You can do it.

6/2 - Through Ch. 9

6/9 - Through Ch. 18

6/16 - Through Ch. 27

6/23 - Through Ch. 36

6/30 - Through Ch. 45

7/7 - Through Ch. 54

7/14 - Through Ch. 65 (END)

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