Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Count of Monte Cristo: Reading Schedule

We've revived this blog from its deep freeze.  Do people even blog anymore?  Didn't microblogging kill the blog like video killed the radio star?  Anyway, I'm hopeful that there will be actual blog posts about The Count of Monte Cristo that will follow this post.  I'm somewhere around chapter 12 or something, and, granted, I'm given to hyperbole, but I have the distinct feeling already that this may end up being one of the best books I'll ever read.  It's simply amazing how gripping it is.  It's cartoonishly simple while just rich enough with historical and psychological detail, without any excess or wasted description or narrative flab. 

Anyway, more on all that later.  My Penguin edition of the book is 1078 pages long.  I'd say we'll need roughly two months to finish.  Assuming you were to start today, that would be a pace of about 17 pages a day, which is entirely doable.  So let's say we will aim to finish by October the Fifth, which happens to be the title of chapter CXVII (117), the last chapter of the book.  On this schedule, we'll be reading roughly 14 chapters a week. 

So, week-by-week, this is the schedule:

8/6-13:  Chs. 1-14

8/13-20: Chs. 15-29

8/20-27: Chs. 30-44

8/27-9/3: Chs. 45-59

9/3-10: Chs. 60-74

9/10-17: Chs. 75-89

9/17-24: Chs. 90-104

9/24-10/1: Chs. 105-117

Bonne chance, bitchez!